Birmingham {Viewpoint} Blog

It’s that time of year again when the infamous German Christmas Market descends on the streets of Birmingham. We’ve already done the market as a subject, so I thought we’d go a bit more focussed (pun completed intended!).

One thing I’ve noticed (more so this year than any other) is the abundance of photos taken of the Birmingham Wheel, which is located outside of Symphony Hall in Centenary Square. The other thing I’ve noticed is the range of different {viewpoints} people have taken in shooting the wheel.

Both of these should lead to this being a pretty successful subject, and it’s also a good excuse to head down to the market, take a photo and then get some German beer down your throat! Or, if you’re brave enough, have a few German beers and then take your photo…



Please note: Please be aware of ‘opportunists’ at the market. It’s an incredibly busy place, so please ensure your safety and the safety of your belongings is the main priority. The German Market is open until 9pm each day, and also finishes on Monday 22nd December (you still have until 31st December to submit your photo).