Birmingham {Viewpoint} Blog

For the month of March, I wanted to highlight one of my personal highlights of Birmingham – the Independents.

From the moment I stepped foot in Birmingham, I was taken back by the power, motivation and resilience that Independent businesses have in this city. It’s hard to go anywhere without coming across one. Be it a clothes shop; cafe; restaurant; pub; graphic designer; photographer; or even a photography project looking at The Different Ways Different People View The Same Thing.

On a personal note, it is truly inspiring to see individuals being allowed to run with their passion and to see a city embrace their dreams. You only have to follow an ‘Independent’ on social media to see how driven they are, and how much they are needed in this city.

So for the month of March, I want you to showcase your favourite Independent. Feel free to tell me why you chose this Independent as your subject and I’ll do my best to include it with your submission. If you don’t have a favourite, then I urge you to research the Independent market within Birmingham and check some of them out.

Hopefully you’ll be as inspired as I am by what they’re doing for this city of ours…


Please note: This subject is in no way linked to Independent Birmingham. If, however, you wish to show your support for Independent companies in the city, or you’re struggling to find a subject to photograph, Independent Birmingham would be a great place to start…