Birmingham {Viewpoint} Blog

Bloody hell! Well, this has officially been the worst year in Birmingham {Viewpoint}’s history – I can only apologise for my appalling lack of attention that I have given the project this year.

Thank you so much to those who have stuck by the project this year and given me gentle nudges along the way to get my bum into gear – without you the project would simply not exist.

The subject for October will come as no surprise. The gateway to our wonderful city has had a revamp – and what a revamp! Instagram, Twitter and Facebook has been swamped with various photographs of the new New Street Station, so it was a no brainer that this was going to be the subject for October.

If you haven’t already visited it, go and check it out with your photo generating device and send us one of the results!

I promise that the submissions for the past couple of subjects will be uploaded soon (I’m almost too embarrassed to look at how many months I’ve got to go back!) I have 3 days off work next week, so aim to use part of one of them to get fully up to date.

Watch this space…