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Hopefully this will be popular with a few of our regular submitters (is that a word?!)

So, the subject for August is ‘Birmingham Pubs’ – make of it what you will… Interior, exterior, new pubs, old pubs, pubs that are no longer pubs… The options are endless!

Just make sure you have a pint for me at some point…


So, here we have another suggestion from a Birmingham {Viewpoint} participant – New Uses For Old Buildings – and I love it!

This may take a bit of research on your behalf, but there’s loads of them around Birmingham. It would be great to have a bit of info to link to your photos, so feel free to send the background to the building (old & present uses) and I’ll add them underneath the photos to give them a bit of context. Really looking forward to seeing the photos for this one…

When thinking about a subject for Birmingham {Viewpoint}, I keep my eyes open when walking / driving through the city and make a note of anything that catches my eye on my phone. One of the subjects covered in the first year was Canals, which gave us some great shots.

I’ve wanted to do Water for some time now, but needed to leave enough of a gap between these subjects as I think quite a few submissions will be of the Canals. I’m hoping though that people will get imaginative with their photos and go for a more unique take on the subject…

This is also a bit of reverse psychology, as we had the dullest month this year when ‘BrumSet / BrumRise’ was the subject, so I’m hoping for a drier month in June!

Looking forward to seeing the submissions for this subject…

It’s not very often that I use public transport in Birmingham, but when I do, there are millions of opportunities to take photographs. There always seems to be someone I’d like to take a photograph of, or to take advantage of being higher up than normal and seeing something I wouldn’t normally see. It’s also nice to not be concentrating on driving – and to just spend time looking at the city passing by…

So I urge you to take a trip on one of Birmingham’s many bus routes, take your photo taking device along for the ride and send us the best photo you get… (Please don’t take a photo of a passing bus. The idea is that you get on a bus and take the photo during your journey)

As with all Birmingham {Viewpoint} subjects, no photo is worth risking your safety. Please stay safe at all times. Thanks 🙂 

This month is all about the sun – whether it is rising or setting…

There’s definitely been an abundance of the hashtags #BrumRise and #BrumSet being used on Twitter of late – mostly thanks to Tim Cornbill. I’m really enjoying the variety of shots that I see most days from people – and thought they’d make a great subject to open up to those who take part in Birmingham {Viewpoint}.

The challenge I pass on to you is to get a unique shot of a Birmingham Sunrise or Sunset…

I think this subject may prove quite a challenge for some people – mostly because you’re more than likely going to have to go out of your way to get a shot.

Spitfire Island has been on the {Viewpoint} list for some time now, but a recent trip to a photography studio nearby reignited my love for it as a subject. The subject is a 16m high sculpture of 3 Supermarine Spitfires peeling off up in to the air in different directions. It was created by Tim Tolkien (great nephew of J. R. R. Tolkien) in 2000 as part of the Castle Vale regeneration, and commemorates the nearby Castle Bromwich factory where most of Britain’s wartime Spitfires were built.

Due to the location of Spitfire Island (near Junc. 5 of the M6 at the intersection of the Chester Road and the A47 Fort Parkway at the entrance to the Castle Vale Estate) please take extra care when taking your shot. It’s a very busy roundabout, especially during rush hour, so don’t put yourself at risk.

Am really looking forward to seeing how you all tackle this subject!

A few months ago I invited people to suggest subjects to be used for Birmingham {Viewpoint}. Not because I’m lazy or have run out of ideas, but because I think it’s important to get those who take part involved in the project too. Plus, you can never have too many subjects!!

It was pointed out to me by a regular participant in Birmingham {Viewpoint}, that there are an abundance of clocks around the Birmingham area, and that it would make for an interesting subject. At first I mis-read the suggestion and thought it was a bit harsh, as although there are a few about, they appear to be in the minority in my experience of living in Birmingham.

I then re-read the suggestion and it made much more sense… CLOCKS!! Phew!

And I have to agree… I think this will make for an interesting subject, as it will certainly push people to get creative with their photos and also get people looking out for them.

So without further ado, go forth and shoot a CLOCK!

P.S. Please note, due to the original concept of Birmingham {Viewpoint} – “The Different Ways Different People View The Same Thing” – we can only accept one image per person. Thanks.

Happy New Year to you all!

And with a new year, comes a new subject. This month, it’s all about the dark – Birmingham at Night. Take a photo of anything you want, as long as it’s in Birmingham and it’s after dusk.

Have fun (and stay safe!)


My eagerness when I first decided to launch this photography project got the better of me, hence it starting in December 2011, and not January 2012. Being the neat-freak that I am, I’d like Month 1 to be January, Month 2 to be February and so on…

So, instead of launching the subject for Year 3 Month 1 in December, I am running a ‘stop-gap’ subject for December – which is Birmingham {Viewpoint} Revisited!

So far there have been 24 subjects used as part of {Viewpoint} – some have had a few submissions, some have had bucket fulls! One thing that hasn’t changed since the project was launched is the quality of photographs that keep getting submitted month after month. So I thought I would throw all 24 subjects back at you for December’s subject.


To celebrate {Viewpoint} being around for two years, there’s two ways of tackling December…

You could simply pick one of the subjects previously used and go take a photo of it (with the exception of Island House which is no longer with us – however if you want to document the space that is now there, that’s fine by me). Feel free to take part in a subject that you previously missed, maybe you weren’t quite happy with the shot you got for a subject or maybe you really enjoyed the challenge of one of the subjects and want to do it again!

Or, for the first time since it’s launch, and for one month only, I’m allowing multiple submissions! You can still only submit one photo per subject, but if you wanted to try and get round all 24 subjects in the month, you’re more than welcome to send in all 24 photos!

Either way, there is no fixed subject for December – simply choose one, two, seven or even all TWENTY FOUR of the previous subjects featured on Birmingham {Viewpoint} and submit a photo of it.

Good luck!

The subject for November is Bournville College.

Having driven past the new college many times, its always been a structure I knew would make for good photos. I was privileged enough to be invited along to their Centenary Celebrations last week to take some photos, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It was then a no brainer that this was to be the next subject for Birmingham {Viewpoint}. Although the building itself is only 2 years old, Bournville College was established in 1913, so I thought it would be quite fitting to feature it during its Centenary year.

PLEASE NOTE: Obviously, this is an educational facility, so please be aware that there will be students under the age of 18 in the vicinity. While the surrounding area is public, I encourage you to take the appropriate measures when taking photos of the college. Please seek the permission of the college prior to entering the building (I have not contacted the college before announcing this subject, so cannot guarantee entry will be allowed, or that they will grant permission to take photos within the college). Thank you for your co-operation.