What is Birmingham {Viewpoint}

I’m an alien in Birmingham. Originally from the Wirral in the North-west of England, I moved down to Birmingham in 2010. I’ll be completely honest, it’s the last place I thought I’d end up living, but I’ve had a great time since moving down here. My impressions of Birmingham, before moving down here, were pretty shallow – funny sounding people, not great football teams and a bit of a dull city (I’m sure some people will think the exact same about me and where I’m from!)

Since being here though, I’ve realised that my views on Birmingham were wrong. Well, on one of the above three points anyway!! Birmingham is certainly NOT a dull city! It is quite the opposite. And this is one of the main purposes of this project: to show Birmingham in a true light. And what better way to do that than by the people who live in Birmingham taking photographs of their city…

One of the highlights since being in Birmingham (from a photography point of view) was getting involved with Birmingham Loves Photographers. Hosted at 6/8 Kafe, it’s a frequent get together for people in Birmingham who all share a passion for one thing: Photography. It’s not only been great to meet with other like minded people in the area – especially being a newbie to this city, but both motivating and inspiring. This project was heavily influenced by the BLP meet ups and speaking with other photographers, so I thank BLP for their support in promoting this project and hopefully making it a success.

The Project

On a monthly basis, a subject will be published on this blog for those taking part. They will then have a month to photograph this subject and email their photographs to the email address below or submit it via the Contact page. The idea of the project is to see the different ways different people view the same subject.

The subject could be a landmark – such as the BT Tower, the Mailbox, the Bullring or a specific area – such as the Jewellery Quarter, the canal system or one of the many beautiful parks in Birmingham. I am open to suggestions of subjects from participants during the project as well, especially if you have a favourite subject that is off the beaten track.

The Challenge

I really wanted to challenge people in a few ways:

  • To really view Birmingham – taking a photo of the chosen subject as they see it and visiting places they might not normally frequent;
  • To push their photography boundaries – hopefully getting some to move out of their comfort zone;
  • To promote Birmingham in a positive way – showing how beautiful the buildings and areas are.

Anyone can take part in the project and can join in at any point – this isn’t restricted to those who attend the BLP meet ups (although if you love photography then you should really come along to one of the meetings). You don’t have to be a professional photographer, or even have a decent camera – mobile phone photos are as welcome as professional DSLR photos. The only rules are that the photographs main subject is the given subject and that your photograph is taken during the project dates. Please send your submissions / subject suggestions / comments through to contact@birminghamviewpoint.com or use the form on the Contact page.

All the photographs will be published on this site here and will be credited to the individual photographer (if you have a website, Twitter, Flickr that you would like linked to your photograph, please send this through with your entry).

I think it will be really interesting to see the different perspectives people come up with of the same subject and I’m really looking forward to seeing the submissions

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So this is a difficult one. As a photographer, I know how frustrating it is not to share a photo I’ve taken that I’m proud of – especially if it’s for a project. However to make this a success, I think its really important that photographers taking part aren’t influenced by other peoples photographs. The whole concept of this project is built around the different ways different people view the same thing.

Obviously I can’t ask people not to publish their photo prior to them being published on here (after all, they are your photos). But in the interest of keeping everyones photo original, not influencing others and ultimately making this project a success, please can those taking part refrain from linking any photo they take directly to the project.

I love the enthusiasm, excitement and passion that people are showing for the project so far – and I certainly don’t want to remove that – but I feel the final submissions of each round will be all the more special (and unique) if those taking part don’t see or aren’t influenced by peoples photographs being published (or linked to the project) prior to the final submissions being published.

I will make it my priority to get the final submissions published on (or as near to) the day after the deadline for that subject passes.

Thanks for understanding ~ Pete.

(You can find out more about Pete and his photography over here)


Below is the list of subjects covered in Birmingham {Viewpoint}, along with their start and close date (don’t forget that you can email your photo through at any time of the project, but it must be taken between the dates given next to the subject):

Year 5:

  • Subject #1: Birmingham in Black & White – more info here (start 1st Jane 2016, closing 31st Jan 2016)

Year 4:

  • Subject #1: Selfie! – more info here (start 1st Jan 2015, closing 31st Jan 2015)
  • Subject #2: The Bullring (Selfridges end) – more info here (start 1st Feb 2015, closing 28th Feb 2015)
  • Subject #3: Independent Birmingham – more info here (start 1st Mar 2015, closing 31st Mar 2015)
  • Subject #4: Birmingham Shadows – more info here (start 1st Apr 2015, closing 31st May 2015)
  • Subject #5: Birmingham’s Gas Holders – more info here (start 1st Apr 2015, closing 31st May 2015)
  • Subject #6: The Rotunda – more info here (start 1st Jun 2015, closing 30th Jun 2015)
  • Subject #7: The Big Hoot – more info here (start 20th July 2015, closing 27th Sept 2015)
  • Subject #8: Numbers in Birmingham – more info here (start 1st Aug 2015, closing 31st Aug 2015) 
  • Subject #9: Look Up! – more info here (start 1st Sep 2015, closing 30th Sep 2015)
  • Subject #10: New Birmingham New Street – more info here (start 1st Oct 2015, closing 31st Oct 2015)
  • Subject #11: Something Old & Something New – more info here (start 1st Nov 2015, closing 30th Nov 2015)
  • Subject #12: Christmas in Birmingham – more info here (start 1st Dec 2015, closing 31st Dec 2015)

Year 3:

  • Subject #1: Birmingham at Night – more info here (start 1st Jan 2014, closing 31st Jan 2014)
  • Subject #2: Birmingham Clocks – more info here (start 1st Feb 2014, closing 28th Feb 2014)
  • Subject #3: Spitfire Island – more info here (start 1st Mar 2014, closing 31st Mar 2014)
  • Subject #4: BrumRise / BrumSet – more info here (start 1st Apr 2014, closing 30th Apr 2014)
  • Subject #5: On The Buses – more info here (start 1st May 2014, closing 31st May 2014)
  • Subject #6: Water – more info here (start 1st June 2014, closing 30th June 2014)
  • Subject #7: New Uses For Old Buildings – more info here (start 1st July 2014, closing 31st July 2014)
  • Subject #8: Birmingham Pubs – more info here (start 1st Aug 2014, closing 31st Aug 2014)
  • Subject #9: Birmingham’s Tunnels (start 1st Sept 2014, closing 30th Sept 2014)
  • Subject #10: Long Exposure – more info here (start 1st Oct 2014, closing 31st Oct 2014)
  • Subject #11: A Real Birmingham Family – more info here (start 1st Nov 2014, closing 30th Nov 2014)
  • Subject #12: The Birmingham Wheel – more info here (start 1st Dec 2014, closing 31st Dec 2014)

Year 2:

  • Subject #1: A Reflection of Birmingham – more info here (start 1st Dec 2013, closing 31st Dec 2013)
  • Subject #2: St. Philip’s Cathedral (start 1st Jan 2013, closing 31st Jan 2013)
  • Subject #3: Birmingham Regeneration – more info here (start 1st Feb 2013, closing 28th Feb 2013)
  • Subject #4: Birmingham Town Hall – more info here (start 1st March 2013, closing 31st March 2013)
  • Subject #5: Birmingham Financial District – more info here (start 1st April 2013, closing 30th April 2013)
  • Subject #6: Birmingham Bridges – more info here (start 1st May 2013, closing 31st May 2013)
  • Subject #7: Birmingham Made Me – more info here (start 6th June 2013, closing 21st June 2013)
  • Subject #8: Birmingham’s Central Library – more info here (start 1st July 2013, closing 31st July 2013)
  • Subject #9: People of Birmingham – more info here (start 1st August 2013, closing 31st August 2013)
  • Subject #10: The Library of Birmingham – more info here (start 1st September 2013, closing 30th September 2013)
  • Subject #11: Brindley Place (start 1st October 2013, closing 31st October 2013)
  • Subject #12: Bournville College – more info here (start 1st November 2013, closing 30th November 2013)
  • Birmingham {Viewpoint} Revisited – more info here (start 1st December 2013, closing 31st December 2013)

Year 1:

  • Subject #1: The Frankfurt Christmas Market (start 1st Dec 2011, closing 23rd Dec 2011)
  • Subject #2: The BT Tower (start 1st Jan 2012, closing 31st Jan 2012)
  • Subject #3: Island House (start 1st Feb 2012, closing 29th Feb 2012) Please note, this subject has changed and is no longer the Bullring. Click on Island House for more information – you may have to act quickly on this one as the building is currently due for demolition
  • Subject #4: Birmingham Canals (start 1st March 2012, closing 31st March 2012)
  • Subject #5: Must contain the word “Birmingham” – more info here (start 1st April 2012, closing 30th April 2012)
  • Subject #6: The Jewellery Quarter (start 1st May 2012, closing 31st May 2012)
  • Subject #7: Graffiti – more info here (start 1st June 2012, closing 30th June 2012)
  • Subject #8: The Cube (start 1st July 2012, closing 31st July 2012)
  • Subject #9: Birmingham Parks (start 1st August 2012, closing 31st August 2012)
  • Subject #10: Industrial Birmingham (start 1st September 2012, closing 30th September 2012)
  • Subject #11: Sport in Birmingham (start 1st October 2012, closing 31st October 2012)
  • Subject #12: Must be taken on November 25th (see here for more details)


Please select the subject you would like to view using the drop down menu under Submissions or click on the links below:

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Year 3:


 Year 2:


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