Birmingham {Viewpoint} Blog

Where does the time go?! Before you know it, it’s the 7th of October, there’s 2 months worth of photos to upload and a new subject to announce…

I’m very sorry that I’ve let Birmingham {Viewpoint} slip so much over the past couple of months. Commitments elsewhere have sadly needed to take priority and I just haven’t had the time to keep the project updated. It’s of no surprise that the number of submissions has dropped over the past couple of months – and I feel awful that the project that I absolutely love running is in fear of being no more.

But there’s no way I’m letting that happen! Birmingham {Viewpoint} is here to stay!

Thank you so much to those who have continued to submit photos, sending me tweets and emails of encouragement to get the photos uploaded and new subjects announced. It means a lot.

I am determined to turn {Viewpoint} around and get it back to where it belongs – a photography project for everyone to get involved in, and I’ll make sure that everyone knows about it (with your help as well).

So without further ado, the submissions for Months 8 & 9 are now on the site and the subject for October has been unleashed. All that’s left is for you lovely lot to share the heck out of the site / project and get people involved (oh, and take a photo each month too!)

Thanks again for your continued support, and a big apology for letting things slip.