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Apologies for the late announcement of Subject #4, this was due to the arrival of baby #2 for me. Lowen Mawgan was born on 27th March and is totally awesome! Here’s a photo of him and his big sister…

So, onto Subject #4… I’ve gone with a part of Birmingham that has been transformed over the past couple of years – Eastside (inc. Millennium Point).

Have fun!

As I was visiting the city centre for work recently (honestly!), I happened to walk past the impressive Birmingham Magistrates Courts on Corporation Street. Although I’d been past them before, they’d never really stood out for me – not sure why, as the building and architecture is beautiful. However, on this passing (maybe due to the threatening weather), they were very imposing and I found it hard not to have them as the next subject.

Fingers crossed your visit to them is purely for photographical reasons, but if you happen to find yourself there for other reasons, why not submit a photo too!

One of the newer additions to our ever changing city is the tram network… Go forth and shoot one! Just don’t stand in the way of them – they don’t stop!


So, I’ll be upfront with you from the off… This subject is going to cost you money! But only about £3. And it could be the most important £3 you spend all month to someone…

It’s difficult to go anywhere in Birmingham without seeing signs of homelessness – be it the city centre, outside a supermarket or just a local park – there’s evidence that not everyone in Birmingham is as fortunate as others. So this month’s subject is all about giving something back to those who don’t have much.

I’m not one for giving money to ‘people on the street’ as I don’t agree with encouraging drug abuse, alcoholism, gambling etc… but what I do like to do is buy a hot drink or some food for them. Most supermarkets (Tesco & Sainsburys for definite) and some other shops (Boots) offer a meal deal for a mere £3, where you can buy a sandwich, drink and either fruit, crisps or chocolate bar.

The idea for this month is for us all to start the year off with a bit of generosity by buying a homeless person something to eat and drink. In return, you take their photograph. I’m aware that this could be deemed as quite condescending to the homeless person, so please be sensitive to their situation when approaching them. Take the time to get to know them and maybe get a little understanding as to how their circumstances have come about. If you want to include this when submitting your photo, then I’ll find a way of adding the information to the photo. Having spoken to a couple of homeless people about this subject, most have been very welcoming of it. One was a bit curious as to where the photos would be published, but once this was explained to him, he was fine with it – so I’d definitely suggest taking the time to explain the project / subject in full to them.

It goes without saying that at no point do I want you to put yourself in any danger, so please stay in well populated areas at all times during this project and only take part if you are keeping yourself 100% safe…

The future of Birmingham {Viewpoint} is in your hands… Do you want to see it continue in to 2016?

I’ve set up a 24 hour poll on Twitter on gauge if there’s a demand for {Viewpoint} in 2016.

Click on the link below to have your say – you have until about 8am on Tues 22nd Dec…

Believe it or not, we’ve never covered “Christmas” as a subject on Birmingham {Viewpoint}! We’ve had the lovely German Market and the Big Wheel, but never Christmas in general.

So I thought why not…

Once again, sincere apologies for not getting the previous submissions up to date. I have a quiet night ahead of me, so intend to get fully caught up this evening. Watch this space…

With all the regeneration going on in Birmingham, there are new things popping up all the time.

During my visit to the city centre for the Birmingham Half Marathon last month, I couldn’t help but notice how amazing some of the old buildings are around town – the contrast between old & new highlighting their beauty.

So the subject for November is simple – in your photograph there must be a contrast between old & new…

The example I’ve given above is merely that, an example, your photograph doesn’t necessarily have to be of buildings / regeneration, as long as there’s a contrast between old & new, that’s good enough for me!

Bloody hell! Well, this has officially been the worst year in Birmingham {Viewpoint}’s history – I can only apologise for my appalling lack of attention that I have given the project this year.

Thank you so much to those who have stuck by the project this year and given me gentle nudges along the way to get my bum into gear – without you the project would simply not exist.

The subject for October will come as no surprise. The gateway to our wonderful city has had a revamp – and what a revamp! Instagram, Twitter and Facebook has been swamped with various photographs of the new New Street Station, so it was a no brainer that this was going to be the subject for October.

If you haven’t already visited it, go and check it out with your photo generating device and send us one of the results!

I promise that the submissions for the past couple of subjects will be uploaded soon (I’m almost too embarrassed to look at how many months I’ve got to go back!) I have 3 days off work next week, so aim to use part of one of them to get fully up to date.

Watch this space…

This should really be the first rule of photography… Look Up!

So often as photographers we get transfixed with what’s in front of us that we forget to have a look around our environment – more often than not forgetting to take in what is above us.

So this month I urge you all to ‘Look Up’ and take a photo in Birmingham with your camera pointing at a greater angle than 45 degrees!

I’m looking forward to seeing how you all interpret this one…

Everywhere you look, there’s a number. This month is all about your {Viewpoint} of a number in Birmingham.

Your photo can be taken anywhere you like (as long as it’s in Birmingham, obviously!) but the photo must contain a number…