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48Sheet, Birmingham Loves Photographers and Birmingham {Viewpoint} have joined forces to bring you an AWESOME photography project.

48Sheet is a project by EC Arts. Its an artistic intervention aiming to transform the city of Birmingham and parts of the region into a unique gallery by utilising up to 100 billboards to exhibit work by regional and national artists. Commissioned artists will create work in response to the projects overarching theme of ‘cultural curiosity’. The project challenges the repetitive rhythm of a traditional advertising campaign by creating a network of distinctive responses that will raise levels of consciousness and arouse curiosity.

So, what is this awesome project you talk of?

Well, using the very helpful map facility on the 48Sheet website for you to locate all the billboards being utilised, we’d like you to go onto the streets of Birmingham and take photographs of the 48Sheet project. We’d then like you to submit ONE photo that you think documents the work of 48Sheets in Birmingham to Please feel free to upload ALL your photos to the Birmingham Loves Photographers Flickr page and tag the photos “48Sheetsphoto” Also, if you could share this project or your photos via Twitter, please use the #48Sheetsphoto.

So whats in it for me?

The reward for taking part will be pretty amazing for one of. Chosen by Birmingham Loves Photographers and Birmingham {Viewpoint}, the winning photo will be used by 48Sheet for their official publicity, including a limited A5 print of the photo. Ultimately giving you and your photo great exposure.

The deadline for submitting your photo is midnight on Sunday 15th April 2012 – so you haven’t got much time! Best stop reading this blog and get out shooting!

Good luck…

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